Vehicle Security Vision is an integral part of the ZEAT srl activity. A company founded in 1978, operating in Italy and in Europe, leader in the distribution of behicle accessories. Specifically, the VSV acronym identifies the business unit specialized in the distibution of audio-visual systems for the security to be applied on all types of vehicles and work vehicles.

Our primary objective is security. Over the years, the focus on job security has assumed an increasingly important role in relation to vehicles operating in the agricultural, construction, distribution and transport (goods/people) sectors. The maneuvers of each of these vehicles, in the absnce of adequate audio-visual equipment, can be dangerous and can result as the cause of fatal accidents.

Our company constantly follows the development of the security and offers a suitable olution to improve the visibility and to reduce/eliminate the blind spots during maneuvers. You can chooose the solution that best suits your needs, thanks to the wide range of specific systems, or you can select the individual components to create your own customized system. We aim to offer high quality materials and a service that is always accurate and reliable. This is made possible thanks to the attention we give every day to the development of the market and to the introduction of innovative and technologically advanded products.