Sistemi wireless

Having a VSV camera and monitor system installed in your vehicle allows drivers of commercial vehicles and operating machines to drive and perform complicated maneuvers in total safety. Thanks to the closed-circuit cameras mounted on the vehicle, drivers have the possibility of having blind spots under control and are aided in reversing maneuvers thanks to the images sent in real time to the monitor.

It’s well known that visibility in commercial vehicles and operating machines is often reduced by many factors, such as; dimensions of the machines themselves, driving position, bulkheads, body panels or the absence of rear-view windows, thus increasing blind spots and consequently the risk of incurring some accident. It is therefore important to take action to prevent any damage to vehicles or third-party assets that can be burdensome, and when personal injuries occur, the cost to the company may still be more impactful and emotional.

The benefits that can be found following the installation of a camera and monitor system are manifold, as they provide clear advantages compared to standard rear-view mirrors, thus reducing blind spots, helping to prevent accidents that would increase insurance premiums for the company, in addition to to give greater serenity to operators, drivers and passengers.

Why choose a wireless VSV setup?

Our wireless systems are developed for various vehicles and applications, both on the road and on construction sites, in order to fulfill numerous safety requirements and legislations (R46 norm), as well as to eliminate blind spots and avoid damages to people, goods, and vehicles.

VSV has always been careful to identify the needs of customers in terms of safety in relation to mobile applications, therefore it offers a wide range of versatile products to meet every need for operating machines and vehicles.

We firmly believe that it is of fundamental importance to succeed in offering a complete range of products to assist the drivers of the vehicles while protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists, but we do not want to limit ourselves to this; it has been shown that our appliances improve efficiency and reduce the parking time of the vehicles on which they are applied, thus saving fleet managers thousands of euros.

Our mission is to always have the right product for your needs, whether it is small or large operating machines but also road vehicles.

I sistemi wireless VSV


Monitor 7″ wireless con le seguenti caratteristiche:

  • Dimensione 7″
  • Risoluzione 800x480xRGB
  • Fino a 4 telecamere
  • Quad view
  • Portata fino a 90 mt
  • Multipli layout di visualizzazione


Telecamera digitale wireless con le seguenti caratteristiche:

  • Sensore CCD
  • Certificazione IP69K
  • Portata fino a 90 mt