Universal Vision Kits

Having a VSV camera and monitor system installed in your vehicle allows drivers of commercial vehicles and operating machines to drive and perform complicated maneuvers in total safety. Thanks to the closed-circuit cameras mounted on the vehicle, drivers have the possibility of having blind spots under control and are aided in reversing maneuvers thanks to the images sent in real time to the monitor.
It’s well known that visibility in commercial vehicles and operating machines is often reduced by many by many factors such as may be; dimensions of the machines themselves, driving position, bulkheads, body panels or the absence of rear-view windows, thus increasing blind spots and consequently the risk of incurring some accident. It is therefore important to take action to prevent any damage to vehicles or third-party assets that can be burdensome, and when personal injuries occur, the cost to the company may still be of greater impact.

The VSV universal rear-view kits, being designed as a complete standalone system, respond to the maximum compatibility between the various elements: monitors, cameras, wiring.

The connection between monitor and camera is via cables with 4-pin connectors with screw fixing, which allows the best contact and consequently avoids false contacts, which could occur in the long run if you had a jack connector.

Our kits


VEHICLE ZOOM CAMERA with night vision function. It is the ideal solution for armored vehicles, military vehicles, heavy vehicles with specific equipment and public safety vehicles. The kit consists of the camera zoom (ZVPTZ01) and the Display Keybord Controller (ZVBC02). It is recommended to combine it with a 7 “monitor.


PTZ ZOOM CAMERA with night vision function. It is the ideal solution for armored vehicles, military vehicles and heavy vehicles with specific equipment. The kit consists of the camera zoom (ZVPTZ02) and the Display Keyboard Control (ZVBC02). It is advisable to combine it with a 7″ monitor.


360 Bus Surrounding View System. This system uses at the same time the images that come from four wide-angle cameras installed in the front / rear / left / right of the vehicle. After the image has been processed by the software, a 360 ° panoramic view is formed and transmitted directly to the monitor connected to the kit. A 5 “or 7” monitor is recommended.


7″ Digital Wireless Camera System. 2.4G digital signal rear view system equipped with a 7″ quad view wireless monitor and a wireless camera. Supports up to 4 wireless digital cameras without interference. 4 cameras with 4 triggers. Power input 9-36 V. The monitor can withstand cold temperatures and the camera has a 120° angle.


7″ Waterproof Rearview System with IP69K CCD waterproof camera. 7″ water resistant system, with 4 camera inputs. Waterproof quad split screen with IP69K waterproof camera. Power input 9-36 V. Metal bracket or suction cup mounting bracket. The screen and the camera are resistant to all types of weather conditions. The ideal solution for agricultural vehicles and heavy vehicles.


7″ Rearview System View. Monitor 7″ LCD con pulsanti, supporta 2 telecamere con 1 cavo trigger, ingresso 9-36 V. Ideale per mezzi pesanti, bus, carrelli elevatori ed ogni altro tipo di mezzo. Connettore 4P Sistema PAL. Telecamera CCD RVC16.


5″ TFT Rearview System with High Definition. Designed for heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, garbage carts, cranes, etc. 5″ monitor with 2 camera inputs, 2 trigger cables. Tlecamera CCD RCV16, lmpada IR. Perfect rear vision system for safe driving.